Het huidige schoolteam, 2010.



                 Hier ziet u het team van de Mwamose primary school.

                 Op de achterste rij tweede van rechts staat Peter Mule               

                 het schoolhoofd.

                 Twee leerkrachten konden er die dag niet bij zijn.

                 Hieronder kunt u meer over hen lezen...........       






Headteacher Mwamose prymary school.

Geb. december 1970.

Married to Joyce Peter.

Three children, all girls, Grace 11 years,

Prisula 7 years, Irene 3 years.

Religion, I am a christian.

Hobbies, i like making friends, reading storybooks, watching games, and helping the needy.

My motto, to strive to active my goal.


                 Peter Mule.



 Married to sabastian.

Age 32 years.

Working as a volonteer for 10 years, and joining diploma course in 2011.

A teacher in class one.

family: Jacline class 7

           Cecilia class 5

           Aron   class 5

           Elia     kindergarten.


Hobbies, reading story books, swimming, dancing, traveling.


Remarks, i like all visitors from holland,

God bless Holland and it's citizens.


         Victoria Kibului.







Age, 54 years.

Status, married.

Family, 6 children, [ 3 boys, 3 girls.]

Hobbies, games and religious.


Classes, std. 4, 5, and 6.


                Joshuwa mr. kisilu.








55 years.

Teacher class 5.

Married with one wife, I have 3 sons and four daughters.One daughter is in Kenyatta University, two are married. The sons are still in school and one daughter.

Hobbies: Reparing radios, t.v.sets and other simple electronic devices, volleyball, entertainments.

Teaching experience: 30 years, thaught in different schools.


 Boniface Mutua Ndambuki.






    Samuel Maula Kingoo.


       Class 2.





  Mary  Ndegwa.

           21 years. 

           Class 3 blue.


  Hobbies: Singing and praying.

  Working experience: I have been

  working as a volunteer teacher since

  january 2009.






          Gabriel Rocha.


           27 years.

  Single with a fiancee.

  A volunteer teacher.

  Managing a class of 54 pupils.

  Class one blue teacher.

  I also take standard 6.

  I do prefer photographing while out of





Senior teacher Mwamose,class 6.

Age 44 years.

My wife: Martha Onesmus, 30 years.


My only daughter: faith Onesmus,

                           9 years, class 3.


the only son: Jones Onesmus,

                    4 years,

                     kindergarten 1.


         Onesmus masaku.






      James  Mathuku.


        Class 4.





           Beatrice  Mbula.


              28 years.

              Class 1.


 Married, two children, one girl and one boy.

 Hobbies: drama, singing.

 Working experience: I have been working

 as a volunteer teacher since 2007.





                  Idd  Hassan Shughuli.


                 41 years.

                 Class 8.

  Deputy Headteacher.

  Teaching experience: 19 years.

  Married and 4 children.

  Hobby: Watching and listening news.

              Reading novels and magazins.







         Mwanyika  Mwavadu.


   Resident of Mwamose village.

   Married with no child yet.


   Presently 7 years in the teaching


   Currently, the class teacher std. 7.

   Crames teacher and scout leader-

   Mwamose pr. school.





          Phabian  Casian  Tumna.


                  Class 4.





     Jackson  Maundu.


     Watchman of Mwamose pr. school.